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As you can see from this screenshot, this computer can take a maximum of 8GB of RAM, and there are four slots. When you make the jump to 8GB of RAM, you should see a difference in speed, your ability to multitask will improve, and overall system health should be nominal. There are many different kinds of RAM. This is where the Crucial memory finder really helps you out, taking all the guesswork out of finding which RAM is right for you. However, a couple of things you should know are your speed limitations, DDR type, and maximum memory limitations. We all thought that was enough, back in the day.

Along came new innovations, new technologies, and soon, new memory modules. DDR3 also has pins, but could reach speeds that doubled that of its predecessor— Mhz to Mhz. If you have four RAM slots, always buy matched pairs of RAM two sticks from the same company, same speed, and same capacity for the best results.

So, in this case, where there are four slots, the RAM should have been placed in quantities of 2, 4, 6, or 8. I would not have opted for 3GB of RAM, because I am not using matched pairs—it would have worked, but it would not have been as effective as matching the pairs. Consequently, I could have started just a single 2GB module, then matched it with another for 4GB, or matched it with three more for 8GB. In that scenario, I would not have gone for 6GB, which would have resulted in an uneven pair of RAM in the four slots.

However, even that is preferable over three slots filled with 2GB modules, since the 2GB modules are a pair, and the 1GB modules are technically another pair. The reasoning behind this has mostly to do with RAM efficiency and motherboard processing speed, especially on older boards. It puts a strain on the memory controller to hop around to different-sized modules, and increases the RAM voltage while decreasing the speed.

But it still makes sense to pair up RAM for best performance. Imagine that you have two slots filled with 4GB chips, the maximum this computer can take.

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Now the controller only needs to hop between two banks while utilizing the same amount of memory. And since RAM is manufactured with very slight inconsistencies in each lot number, you want to try to buy your RAM all from the same make, model, and manufacturer. The answer is: maybe. Certain processes use RAM much more than others; for instance, previewing video is RAM intensive, as is opening multiple windows in Web browsers. Think of RAM as a bus stop for parking data.

One or two buses come in; you load them up with passengers, and they move out. Extra RAM is extra buses. Extra buses means less bottlenecking and congestion.

Less bottlenecking and congestion leads to smoother service. Buy the number of buses you need, with a few extras in case of emergencies. Share a photo of your current Hard Drive setup with the tag HardDriveWeek on Twitter and Instagram for a chance to win a brand-new hard drive!

Ramjet Mac Memory by Model ID

Skip to main content. How much RAM do I have? Leave this field empty. Just want to know so the 3x4Gb is faster, say x2 in a 4. Rather that getting 2x16gb x 2 for 8core, My processor is a 3. The next day when I checked again it only showed 32GB. Any ideas if this a bad slot, or does it need cleaning, Firmware update? The slot and the computer looks very clean as I keep my studio as dust free as possible. Thanks for your help! We are very sorry to hear that slot 2 is not working. We would recommend to clean out the slot 2 with compressed air.

How to upgrade the inch 5K iMac () with a massive GB of RAM [Video] - 9to5Mac

If this does not work, it is possible that the slot has failed. Thank you so much for your prompt reply! Bless You!!! Thanks again. Hi, John.

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Memory from the Mac Pro is not compatible with the model unfortunately. Here is a listing of compatible memory. And here is a link to our rebate center.

16GB ram vs 8GB ram MAC (noob test)

Let us know if you have any other questions! Slot nr 3 on my mac pro died. Is it better to also remove the memory in slot 4? Thank you so much for your question! We are very sorry to hear that slot 3 has died. Please feel free to contact our Technical Support Team if you have any further questions. Can I add an extra 4gb or 8gb from other brands to the 4th slot in my MAC?

Great question Duy! You will be able to add another 4GB or 8GB chip without any problems. This is one of the great qualities the Mac Pro has to offer!

Please let us know if you have any further questions. Great question iKapero!


Thank you for your question! Hello, — i currently have 3X 4GB factory ram modules installed. Hi, Alex. If planning on using the 16GB chips, you will only be able to use other 16GB chips. It is all depending on how much RAM you would like to upgrade to. The best solution would be to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you in choosing the correct RAM. Originally came with 6 gb of Ram and now I put the 8 gigs on the 4th bank and it shows that I have 4 gigs or Ram.

How so? Mac Pros will pair their memory in sets of 2s or 3s. Your computer originally shipped with a set of 3x2GB modules. Having installed a 4th module that will have the computer trying to create 2 sets of 2 modules, which is 2x2GB modules and 1x2GB and 1x8gb module which will not work.

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The sets need to be of equal size. It is only the MacPro6,1 that can use individual modules as outlined in this blog post.