Mac 239 brush sigma dupe

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Short shader brush [to pack on color] 3. Pencil brush [for smudging to detail crease work] 4. Angled eyeliner brush [optional if you use gel liners] Now why buy these from MAC as singles when you can buy a big ol' brush kit from Sigma? There's always better out there, and you can always personalize your brushes to the way you like it if you collect them one-by-one.

I personally like my MAC brushes because they deliver exactly what they promise to do.

Trish McEvoy Brush 76 Perfect Foundation: £40, Liberty London

Here are my suggestions for each of the 4 above: 1. Blending brush: MAC - better if you have smaller eyes, like more dense color application. Can function as a short shader brush to pack on color by using belly of the brush, but a hassle when using multiple colors and trying to avoid muddying the colors together when blending. Better if you're more inclined to neutral shades because it is able to blend to a light wash of color, but also blends bright vivid colors into each other well if you have a lot of lid space - and does the job faster than a Short shader brush [to pack on color] MAC - does exactly what it promises.

Can be flipped on it's side to do some blending and crease work to substitute for 's blending abilities. Great for getting brow highlight colors close the the edge of your natural brow for a crisp and clean line if you don't want to look like you have stray brow hairs all scraggly and whatnot. Many brands carry a dupe - for example, Sonia Kashuk has one, although I find the brush hairs are made of a synthetic material that does not pick up as much pigment as the white goat hair on the Pencil brush [for smudging to detail crease work] MAC - exactly what it sounds like: a pencil smudgey brush.

Not an absolute must have - can be duped easily. The EOB brushes are softer, but I really have to work the product in to get it to blend, so it may do more damage to the skin around my eye area of prolonged periods of use. Angled eyeliner brush [optional if you use gel liners] If you don't use gel liners, omit this from your starter collection. However, I am a daily user of gel liners, and if you've never tried them before, you completely should. There are two kinds - both angled in different ways The angled brush is where the the hairs are cut at a diagonal so it's easy to follow your lash line.

A bit of a pain to navigate your lower lash line with, but for those that have problems with gauging thick and thin line weights, this is the better option for you. The BENT angled liner brush has a bent brush handle and a thin round brush head. Some say this one is easier to manipulate than the angled one, but I find it the other way around.

Your general preferrence is subjective. I have the MAC and the Ecotools angled liner brush. I also own the Sonia Kashuk bent angled liner brush, and it seemed a little awkward to me. The bent angled liner brush also only limits you to just lining your eyes VS being multi-purpose and being able to double as a brow liner.

14 Professional Makeup Artists Pick the Best Brushes of All Time

Just remember: I have a brush for every function I want it to serve. I'd rather spend a little bit more and make sure the brushes I purchased serve their function VS. I do own brushes that sit there and look pretty though I don't even want to go into how much I've spent on brushes already. Now I am not dogging on Sigma - I have been dying to try their F-series face brushes, but that will have to wait until my next paycheck. I'm just saying, don't buy a full brush kit if you feel this is all you need and just starting out.

People with usually large collections have a variety because they're too lazy to clean them frequently or they just can't get enough That way, you'll know what you want when looking into buying brushes. You don't need a whole set. Once you feel the difference, you'll realize softness ranks like this from highest to lowest: 1.

Go hard or go home I also apologize first hand for unofficially leading you down the path of being a brush junkie. I def agree with Soma S. It's the PERFECT all around face brush perfect for contouring the hollows of your cheeks, applying blush effortlessly and all over powders. I know Sigma has a dupe, but I've yet to try it Great advice, I loved the blog input. Please help us maintain positive conversations here by following our guidelines below.

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Follow 8. Sort By oldest Oldest Newest Helpful. The brush is not a blending brush, so for blending harsh lines, an additional blending brush is preferred. I like that the bristles are white, because you see how much product is being picked. Because of its size, it takes slightly more time for applying just one shadow on entire lid. The only obvious problem is removing the stains from the bristles. I highly recommend having one in your stash. Sigma Eye Shading E This is a true dupe, when it comes to the performance, of MAC The only difference between the brushes it the bristle color.

They perform exactly the same and having both of them is matter of use, as they are interchangeable. Ebay I bought this brush out of pure curiosity. The brush was supposed to be the dupe of MAC but ended being a very bad dupe. The brush is not bad, but is not a good brush for getting concentrated color on lid with one application.

The bristles are not as flexible as on the brush, either.

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I use it for applying pigments, and it works good when I wet the brush prior picking the loose pigments. I believe you can use it for blending out the concealer. It can be also used for highlighting the under brow area. Or, if you want a wash of color on your lid, this brush will do the job.

10 Makeup Brushes You Can Find In Your Local Art Store | StyleCaster

Inglot 29PO. For more information please refer here. I had quite a few of this brushes until I settled for the MAC I used to use it for applying brow bone highlighter but then came along new brushes that took its place. The bristeles are flexible, but despite, it is better for applying then blending shadow. I do recommend the brush if you feel you need a slanted brush. Otherwise, this brush is not essential in your collection. Bdellium Tools The brush is the perfect dupe for MAC — and there is nothing more that could be added.