How much calories does a double big mac have

  1. Calories in Big Mac, Fries and a Drink
  2. How Many Calories Are in a Big Mac Meal?
  3. McDonald's Nutrition Facts: Menu Choices and Calories
  4. McDonald’s salad has MORE calories than a DOUBLE Big Mac |
  5. Customize your menu item. You can also view the nutrition of an entire meal.

These are calorie counts for some of the most popular items:.

Calories in Big Mac, Fries and a Drink

If you choose to enjoy your meal with one of McDonald's popular sweetened drinks, you'll have to add more calories. There are some items that are lower in calories. Depending on the meal you choose to enjoy, there are several different ways to enjoy a full meal for under calories.

These items, however, should keep you satisfied and won't ruin your daily calorie count:.

How Many Calories Are in a Big Mac Meal?

Most dieters will visit McDonald's for their popular lunch or dinner burgers and fries. So can you enjoy these popular favorites and still keep your weight loss program on track?

As you might expect, the fries won't do wonders for your diet. An order of large French Fries contains calories, 24 grams of fat, and 66 grams of carbohydrate. Looking to lose weight?

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Our nutrition guide can help you get on the right track. Sign up and get it free! If, for example, you're having a Big Mac with a medium order of fries and a medium cola, your total calorie intake is 1, calories, meeting more than half your daily calorie needs if you eat 2, calories a day. Replacing the cola with a chocolate milkshake increases the total calories to 1,, which meets 70 percent of your daily calorie needs on a 2,calorie diet.

Regular consumption of fast food is linked to weight gain and obesity, according to a report from the U. Department of Agriculture.

McDonald's Nutrition Facts: Menu Choices and Calories

It's OK to eat fast-food meals like the Big Mac with sides and a drink, but you should limit these types of meals to once or twice a month, at most. Additionally, you can shave off a few calories by making tweaks to your meals. For example, trading in your regular drink for diet soda or a diet iced tea brings down the calories for your Big Mac meal with medium fries to calories. You can reduce calories even more if you sub a side salad with the low-fat balsamic vinaigrette for the fries, which creates a calorie meal.

If your food options are limited and you find yourself visiting McDonald's often for meals, you may want to change up your food choices and include healthier, lower-calorie options. Instead of the Big Mac, order a regular hamburger with a side salad with low-fat vinaigrette and water or diet iced tea for a calorie meal. Or, try a grilled chicken salad such as the Premium Bacon Ranch or Premium Southwest salad, which have and calories, respectively.

Be sure to use the low-fat Italian dressing, with 50 calories per packet, or the low-fat balsamic vinaigrette, with 35 calories per packet, to save even more calories.

McDonald’s salad has MORE calories than a DOUBLE Big Mac |

Important Note: At McDonald's, we take great care to serve quality, great-tasting menu items to our customers each and every time they visit our restaurants. We understand that each of our customers has individual needs and considerations when choosing a place to eat or drink outside their home, especially those customers with food allergies. As part of our commitment to you, we provide the most current ingredient information available from our food suppliers for the eight most common allergens as identified by the U.

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Food and Drug Administration eggs, dairy, wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish , so that our guests with food allergies can make informed food selections. However, we also want you to know that despite taking precautions, normal kitchen operations may involve some shared cooking and preparation areas, equipment and utensils, and the possibility exists for your food items to come in contact with other food products, including allergens.

Customize your menu item. You can also view the nutrition of an entire meal.

We encourage our customers with food allergies or special dietary needs to visit www. Due to the individualized nature of food allergies and food sensitivities, customers' physicians may be best positioned to make recommendations for customers with food allergies and special dietary needs. If you have questions about our food, please reach out to us directly at mcdonalds. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

The nutrition information on this website is derived from testing conducted in accredited laboratories, published resources, or from information provided from McDonald's suppliers.

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