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♫ How to type musical symbols in windows ♫

I'm not joking. It's almost as though I have some chronic, systemic and or congenial learning aptitude deficiency.

How to Enter Music Symbols in Word

On Sibelius Software alone I have much more capability than I am able to figure out how to use. It isn't that I lack either creative ideas nor [musical] intelligence, just practical facility relevant to documentation.

Any ideas? Thanks again. Don GvK aol. Special keys, etc? More Less. Communities Contact Support.

Music note ♪♫♬ text symbols & musical emoji - fsymbols

Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: ConfusedSince ConfusedSince On Question marked as Apple recommended User profile for user: Tom Gewecke Tom Gewecke. View answer in context. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Assuming Chrome, Safari You would input them by double click or drag drop.

Music Emoji

Loading page content. While this command is more commonly used to add accented letters, currency symbols or special characters like trademark and copyright symbols to documents, certain fonts contain an extended character set that includes music notes and marks seen on sheet music. These fonts install with your Windows operating system and with Microsoft Word. Open the Microsoft Word document where you want to add musical symbols to the text.

Click the "Symbol" button on the Insert tab and then select "More Symbols" from the bottom of the menu. Select "Miscellaneous" from the Subset category menu to quickly jump to the music symbol section of the list. Click the music symbol you want to add to your document and click the "Insert" button.

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The dialog box remains open to allow you to insert multiple symbols at one time. Click the "Close" button on the dialog box to exit the insert symbol command when you are done. Search for specific characters or groups using the search field at the bottom of the window. You might type "flat" for example.

I'm glad if this information helped you. It was no treble at all! AngerDanger , Scepticalscribe and AlliFlowers like this.

Music Note Alt Code

Sumsha , Nov 8, Sumsha macrumors newbie. Nov 8, I just added these symbols in my keyboard correction list in Pages preferences. Now what I need to know is how to do something like this on Facebook! Potin , Jul 28, Last edited: Jul 28, Potin macrumors newbie.

How to type musical notes

Jul 28, Location: Medellin - Colombia. I want to type each symbol on my laptop Keyboard. Like this type of font "Sonora" http: Please anyone? The character viewer does not have enought musical symbols! Jul 5, Found a crappy site but was not help. Tomorrow , Jul 5, Tomorrow macrumors Mar 2, Location: Always a day away. MacNut , Jul 7,