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Ich kann TransMac empfehlen. Hat bei mir sofort ohne Neustart funktioniert. August 19, at pm Reply.

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July 24, at pm Reply. Kann mir jemand helfen? January 7, at am Reply. February 26, at am Reply. June 21, at am Reply. July 26, at pm Reply. March 6, at pm Reply. July 6, at am Reply. July 25, at am Reply.

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August 1, at pm Reply. November 9, at am Reply. August 1, at am Reply. August 1, at am. August 14, at pm Reply. February 13, at pm Reply. February 14, at pm Reply. June 29, at pm Reply. March 12, at pm Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Into these windows you can store palettes and groups arranged by type.

You may store as many items as you like, as you record items more buttons will be added. You can record using the existing Record menus or the Quick Record function described below. A handle window has been added to store macros. It allows you to store as many macros as you wish. The first ten macros will appear on the dedicated macro buttons on the Tiger Touch and Expert Touch. A handle window has been added to store fixtures. Here you can patch as many fixtures as you wish laid out in either a scrolling view or on pages using the [Show Pages] context menu button.

Each of the new handle windows Fixtures, Groups, Colours, Beams, Positions, etc can have page buttons enabled or disabled. In the context menu of a handle window select [Pages Show] to show a list of pages on the left hand side of the window. You can use these pages as a fast alternative to scrolling the window. You can name pages by using [Set Legend]. The new shapes window allows you to quickly create shapes for the fixtures in the editor.

Select some fixtures then open the Shapes window by using [Open Workspace Window] then selecting [Shapes]. The shapes window shows all the shapes that could be applied to the context fixture. Use the attribute bank buttons to select shapes for a particular attributes such as position or colour.

macOS 10.15 Catalina ausprobiert – die Neuerungen im Detail

Selecting a shape button will create a new shape on the selected fixtures and take you to the shape editor to set the properties of the shape. A new button has been added to the root menu to open a workspace window. Select [Open Workspace Window] then select the window you wish to open. The window will be opened, brought to the front and focused. The set of windows that are open on all attached screens and their size, position and display options can all be stored in a Workspace for easy recall.

You can record a Workspace by holding down Avo and pressing View. You can then give the workspace a name and select which windows you wish to record. Then press a workspace button on a Tiger Touch or an Expert Touch or a grey palette button on an Expert. Pressing that button subsequently will set all the windows to the positions you recorded. Workspaces you record will be saved with the show. On the Expert Wing And Tiger Touch screen above the window area the console now tells you which fixtures or groups are currently selected.

This allows you to see which fixtures will be affected even if they aren't visible. If you load a show created on the version 2 software or on an Expert and wish to move all the mixed content from the blue and grey preset handles to the Fixtures, Groups, Playbacks, Colours, Positions and Gobos and Beams windows you can do so easily using the Move to Workspace function.

Open the compatibility view and select the [Fixtures and Playbacks] window or the [Palettes and Groups] window.

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From the context menu select [Move to Workspace] then [Confirm] from the softkey menu. This will move the handles from the compatibility window you selected. Repeat to move content from the other compatibility window. There is a new key action for Cue Lists which runs the previous cue in the the cue list. Setting the blue and grey keys to Go and Go Back respectively allows you to easily step forward and back through lists.

Touching an attribute multiple times cycles though the available pages. Link has been overhauled to make it easier to understand and more powerful. The Cue Overlap function for chases has been removed, you should use a linked cue list instead.

Windows 8 BIOS mit zertifizierter UEFI-Firmware

A Link Offset has been added. These work together as follows. The Link Offset is disabled. A Link Offset can be set to add a delay between the first cue completing and this cue triggering. The offset can be specified either as a time or a percentage of the fade time of the previous cue. A Link Offset can be set to add a delay between the previous cue starting and this cue starting.

The Link Offset can be set either as a time in seconds or as a percentage of the fade time of the previous cue.

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These options allow you to create complex self timed sequences by building up simple steps. On the Pearl Expert if you do not have a wing attached a button appears in the top right hand corner of each window. Clicking this button reveals a pop-up context menu for that window. A dedicated close button is also added for convenience. A new key profile function 'Latch' is provided for working with fixtures on the touch screen. Touching once is equivalent to putting the preset fader to full for that fixture and touching again returns the fader to 0.

In program mode this puts the fixture in the programmer, in run mode it does not.

iMac Systemwiederherstellung (Zurücksetzen) mit Time Machine.

A Display Settings menu has been added in System mode which allows you to configure what external screens or wings you have attached. We recommend always using at least one external screen with the Pearl Expert, either a monitor or a wing, on the Tiger Touch the external screen is sometimes helpful.

Reparieren einer Festplatte mit dem Festplattendienstprogramm auf dem Mac

For best performance disable any screens that are not attached. When you enable and disable screens windows will move to an enabled screen. When opening new windows they will attempt to open on the screen where they were last used. You cannot disable the built in touch screen on the Tiger Touch.

A number of macros have been added to the built-in macro library. You can assign these to buttons using the Macro, [Assign To Handle] function. Status information from the WPF rendering system is now logged in the panel server exception log. In the previous version all block shapes for Position, Colour etc would have the name "Block Shape".

As the shapes would never be displayed in a single list this was not a problem. With the new shapes window the names needed to be unique and so the attribute group the block shape applies to has been appended to the name. The visual style of handle buttons has been improved to make is easier to differentiate playbacks from fixtures and between fixtures that are selected and in the editor.

The HUD windows have been integrated with the workspace windows making them easier to manage with the hardware keys. The Shape speed, Shape Size and Chase Speed wheels have been harmonised so that turning the wheel clockwise always makes the chase or shape go faster or larger.


If you set a long legend on a cue in a cue list the button label would show the middle part of the legend and not the button function. Now it always shows the button function and as much legend as will fit.

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The Tiger Touch now has the ability to show warnings in the softkeys in line with the Expert. Warning icons will be shown if a function is currently unavailable, to warn that you may have made a mistake or to warn of possibly unexpected side effects. Consult the manual for detailed information on a particular warning. Groups now show as deselected when all the fixtures in the group are removed from the programmer, not just when you press Clear.

This makes it easier to work with groups in a show environment where you rarely press Clear. The Channel Grid can now show levels, palette names or controlling playbacks for all the controls on all patched fixtures or for fixtures in the programmer. Switching between these views allows you to quickly determine what a fixture is doing and why and to understand exactly what is being recorded in a cue.